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Bibliography of Edward Jenner Wood

Dates: Undetermined

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The Medical Examiner, Vol. III, No. 22 May 30, 1840

Note on the first page in pencil

Dates: Undetermined

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Southern Medicine and Surgery - Tribute Edition -- (2 copies)

Dates: Undetermined

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Scope and Contents PUBLISHED WORKS ON TROPICAL SPRUE The Recognition of Tropical Sprue in the United StatesReprinted from the Journal of the American Medical Association, July 19, 1919 Clinical Manifestations of Tropical SprueReprinted from U.S. Naval Medical Bulletin, Vol. 13, No. 3, 1919 Pernicious Anemia in its Relationship to SprueFrom The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, January, 1925...
Dates: Undetermined

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Dates: Undetermined

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The Medical Difficulties and Possibilities in Wilmington, Edward J. Wood, M.D., Carbon Copy. 16 pages, 1921

Dates: Undetermined

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Address of Welcome - North Carolina Medical Society, Edward J. Wood, M.D., Two Original Versions. 7 pages & 4 pages, 1925

Dates: Undetermined

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Some Recollections of Sir William Osler, Edward J. Wood, M.D., Original, Only first page incomplete. With newspaper clipping on Dr. Osler.

Dates: Undetermined

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Tribute to E.J. Wood presented to the Tri-State Medical Association of the Carolinas & Virginia - Meeting at Charlotte, N.C. - February 18th - 20th (no year). By James Asa Shield, M.D. Associate in Neuropsychiatry, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Va.

Brief bio on Dr. Wood relating to his work on Pellagra and Spru.

Dates: Undetermined

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Scope and Contents PUBLISHED WORKS The Diagnosis of Pellagra, Edward J. Wood, M.D.,Extracted from The Archives of Diagnosis, New York, April, 1917 Acrodynia: Its Place in Medicine and its Relation to Pellagra, Edward J. Wood, M.D.,From The American Journal of Tropical Medicine, September 1921 Some Problems in the Etiology of Pellagra, Edward J. Wood, M.D.,Reprint from The Interstate Medical Journal,...
Dates: Undetermined